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There Was A Woman

Once upon a time, there was a woman. She had traveled many decades on this planet. She had fought and loved and laughed and created many things. She had made mistakes and grown from them. She learned lessons over and over again. She wondered, asked, forgave, and searched. She was a passionate woman. Filled with desire and yearning from a young age, she traveled through life exploring many paths to the fulfillment of the fires within her.

She savored the sensual experiences life had to offer. Her senses were alive, sometimes unbearably so. Her physical form maneuvered daily through a persistent energy that hummed beneath every moment of her life. She often wondered if others felt as she did. Sometimes she revealed the inner workings of her heart, her mind, and often she was met with judgement and disapproval.

Don’t feel too much, she was told. Reign in your emotions, she was told. Grow up. Your way is not the way it’s done, she was told. You want too much. Be practical. Don’t have such high expectations. You’re just setting yourself up for disappointment. You have too many opinions. Your head is in the clouds. Come back to Earth. Get real.

As the years unfolded, she understood more and more about herself. She looked for the ways she had failed. She looked for the ways she had fallen short. She felt inadequate, unworthy, tired. Sometimes she glimpsed the way through. Sometimes she sat in the satisfaction of her accomplishments. When she offered service to others she felt a kind of calm, a feeling of purpose and relief.

Gradually, with time, she realized that she was her own universe. She realized that what she had thought of herself was more true than anything she had heard from others. She understood that she was Source. Amazement and awe unfolded bit by bit as she palpated the edges of her being. She wondered if she was going mad. Was it possible that she was more powerful than she knew? She grew more curious and turned inward as often as she could. She asked the small whisper within to increase the volume. What are you saying to me, she asked?

The voice answered. Come this way. You are a point of light. You are unique. Your perspective is the only one of its kind in all of creation. You are not delusional. Your instincts are correct. Come this way. Listen to the knowingness. Trust your feelings. You are a magnificent unfolding being. You chose this physical conscious experience. You are delighted to be here and the Source within you, that is you, even more so.

Come this way. You are capable of observing your experience and sifting and sorting through it towards greater clarity. You are a master on this planet, the leading edge. You will sometimes get it wrong but you will always get it right. Your heart is willing. Your body thrives and joins you supportively in the physical plane. You have the power to create all of your dreams. Every day, every moment, you create the reflections that inform you of where you are. You are learning how this works. You came here to walk curiously in the experiment of finding the alignment. Love yourself the way Source does. Be gentle. Be kind. To self.

Come this way. Your union with Us is your union with Self. You will fine tune, grow discernment, and improve in every moment as you find your way home to you. We are always waiting for you to turn this way. You are Love, no matter what. You are Light no matter what. You only need to see yourself the way we do, who is you, a point of light so extraordinary it shines through the galaxies. Come this way. Come this way.

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