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We Are Creators

We Are Creators is a project in the same spirit of Michael Jackson's, We Are The World, but with an even bigger goal; to create an Earth theme that people can sing all over the world. Imagine a social media platform where people from all over the planet send in videos of themselves singing the chorus to the world anthem. Then imagine a group of well know singers, bands, actors, and athletes sending in their videos of themselves and their mates and families singing the chorus. Then imagine the We Are Creators team putting these together in one beautiful video that combines the voices and images of all the participants. Imagine that this is the start of a Global Movement to create a shared Earth identity. Imagine this non-profit global peace movement growing as more and more voices and videos are added to the social media platform. Imagine the song being sung at large events, at award shows, at festivals, anywhere and everywhere the people of Earth come together. This is the We Are Creators project. 


Cooper Stites (Producer)
Phiamma Elias (Director)

We Are Creators,

We are the painters,

of our world.

We Are Creators,

We decide what goes.

Raise our Hands,

Lift our Voice,

Hear our Sound,

Make some Noise...

We Are Creators (REMIX) - Nina Grae, Steve Knight, Cooper Stites
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We Are Creators Scratch Sample © 2015 

Thank you for your interest in participating in the WE ARE CREATORS project. We are currently in the process of obtaining non-profit status. There is a growing list of committed artists, musicians, actors, athletes, and peace makers. We will be sharing this information publicly soon! (This info can be shared privately currently.) Together we can empower each other to create the kind of earth we want!


Contact Phiamma for more info!

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